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Adding furniture to an empty space makes it appealing to the buyers – there’s no surprise in that. That said, if you have a large empty home to sell, staging the home can be an expensive task. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your preferences in furniture will match with the potential buyers’ tastes. So, what can you do to show the potential of the empty home? Staging, of course! But virtual, not traditional.

Virtually Staged by Property Snaps

Virtually staging is a powerful tool to attract the attention of potential buyers. High-quality photos of the empty home can be transformed into styled and furnished images that are visually appealing and can be added to your listing. Not only is virtually staging a cost-effective solution, but it also heightens your chances of selling the property faster for the price asked.

Why Go With Virtual Furniture Staging?

It helps attract buyers

The first goal for any real estate agent is to get the buyer to preview your listing 97% of buyers say that photos are an important factor they consider when deciding whether to preview the home or not. A beautifully virtually staged home can increase the odds of buyers choosing to see the home in person..

Better visualization of an empty room

Not every buyer has the ability to walk into an empty space and imagine how it should look. Virtual staging gives buyers a better visualization of an otherwise empty room and can attract buyers who might otherwise pass over the empty listing.

Make a property more marketable

A beautifully furnished room filled with furniture and decor spreads warmth and looks more attractive. This makes the property more marketable as it helps buyers imagine living in the home.

Cost-efficient, unlike real furniture staging

Virtual staging is highly cost-effective as compared to traditional staging. You don’t have to hire a company and spend thousands of dollars on setting up the home with expensive furniture to make the rooms attractive. Virtual staging can be done at a fraction of the cost.

Get design style customized

With virtual staging, you can customize the room with potential  buyers in mind. You can modify the furnishings to match your likely audience’s style and preference.

Saves time and effort

Real estate agents can save a lot of time using virtual staging. Traditional home staging is a lengthy and tedious process. You need to hire a staging company, plus order and deliver the furniture and get everything set up and photographed. When you choose to virtually stage a home, you just have to photograph the  vacant rooms and send the images to a virtual staging company. The virtually staged images are delivered back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

How is virtual staging done?

Virtual furniture is added to a photo in 2 ways:

1.Cut, copy, and paste method. This is a cheap and fast method to add furniture to a photo. In this method, the photo editors lookup for furniture in other images, copy the furniture they like and place it in the empty room photo. This cut, copy, paste method may involve bending and stretching of the furniture to make it fit in the room, making the photo look unreal and unprofessional.

2.3D modeling method. A 3D model of the furniture is placed into the empty room photo using 3D software. All aspects of the photo, such as color cast, lighting, shadows, etc. are adjusted to make the furniture look 100% authentic.This method takes a long time, and if done by professionals, can yield better results.

How is virtual furniture placement done at Property Snaps?

Property Snaps has huge sets of furniture models. The furniture placement process usually involves the following steps:

  • Create a plan of the room with accurate measurements.
  • Choose the interior design style. Property Snaps has 8 different design styles.
  • Select pieces of furniture that blend well with the chosen design style.
  • Place them aesthetically around the room.
  • Consider the light source and add shades.
  • Add the appropriate décor and accessories.

Let our professional team of 3D furniture modelers and staging specialists turn your vacant home photo into a beautiful space attracting more home buyers.

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