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Watch the full copyright law explainer video.

Vince De Stefano
Property Snaps Founder

Copyright & Images

Vince DeStefano the owner and founder of Property Snaps has been an advocate for photographers rights in Australia. As an expert in copyright pertaining to real estate photographers he has long been an advocate for educating photographers and real estate agents on the correct laws when it comes to digital media licensing and copyright laws.

Who owns a photo?

In simple terms in Australia the person taking the or creating the photo is the one who owns the copyright.

My vendor paid, do they own the photos?

Not always, Most photographers have a lease or license agreement which means your vendor has paid for listing rights usage, But does not own the photo and can not use that photo with another agent.

Can I use any photo for a listing?

No you can not just take a photo from the internet and use it for a listing. Watch our video on copyright law for more info.

I have received a copyright infringement letter.

If a photographer has sent you an a letter claiming you have breeched their copyright you should cease using the images and contact a lawyer. Infringement fees can cost upwards of $50,000 in extreme cases.