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Before you build your dream home, Check your view.

Our intended view reports are perfect for seeing what kind of view you could potentially achieve on your land.

Drone aerial visibility reports are the safe way to see how high you need to build your dream home to capture the best views.

Using our drone we will undertake a series of controlled tests and collect photographic data for you and your architect to use when it comes to planning your dream home.

Download example pdf visibility report

Our website can provide you with an instant quote within seconds. Simply fill out our quote request form and you will instantly be presented with a custom quote for you intended view report.

  • See views from specified heights
  • Find out how high to build to get intended views
  • Flexible options on site datum points
  • All data provided in an easy to read report
  • Site measurements and spatial data available
  • High res images can be used in 3D renders