Do you want to attract more buyers to empty listings?

Virtual Furniture attracts buyers and helps your listings sell faster
Before Virtual Furniture

Empty homes can look abandoned and not appealing

After Virtual Furniture

Virtual furniture/stagingĀ  attracts more buyers and increases perceived value.

Virtual Staging The Affordable Alternative

Staging From $55

Staging a house to sell it always yeilds a better sale price than an empty house, As photographers our preference is for vendors to hire furniture prior to shoot, However not everyone can justify the $2000 - $5000 cost of getting real furniture. Virtual furniture is affordable at $55per image and gets cheaper the more you buy.

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Ready in under 24 hours, simply upload your photos!

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Property Snaps virtual furniture is available for one image or multiple images. Discounts are applied the more you purchase

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Virtual Staging

Don’t leave that house looking empty and abandoned. Increase listing traffic with virtual furniture and get higher results for sellers.