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Property Snaps produces real estate sales videos in Melbourne for real estate agents, builders and developers. The real estate video is then displayed on-line 24/7 on the platform of your choice.Real estate for video will help drive your sales and increase your listings. Research shows that people prefer to watch a video than read text. Property Snaps has two main offerings for video, for limited budget projects we have video slide shows with voice overs and for the listings that require that special marketing we have full HD video tour options.

HD Video Tours

Our full HD video tours are regarded as the ideal video option. We arrive at the property and shoot full motion video of the house. We capture the important features of the house and then edit the video with a professional voice artist and brand the video with your agency logo and contact details. We also have extended and premium options available.

HD Slide Shows

HD Slide Show videos are a great cost effective way to start ranking your listings with video. Create a full motion video using still images and transitions to create HD video with a custom voice over and animated intro.

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