Drone Photography

For Real Estate Agents

If your a modern day real estate agent, which you probably are then you know about the importance of good photography when it comes to marketing a new listing.

So when is the best time to use a drone?
Good Question!  There a some specific listing scenarios when drone photography will be most beneficial.

  • Vacant Land

  • Development Sites

  • Rural/Lifestyle Properties

  • Elevated Homes

  • Costal Properties

Looking for other kinds of drone photography?

Real Estate
Commercial Property
Development Sites
Drone Video

Digital Overlay

Vacant Land & Developments

When selling vacant and land or property with development potential we can add a digital overlay onto the aerial photos to give buyers a better understanding of size and location.

  • Boundary Lines

  • Dimensions

  • Local amenity maps

  • Development zones

  • Costal Properties

Intended Views

For buildings not built yet

Property Snaps are leaders in creating images that can show developers or potential buyers what the views will be like from a building that hasn’t been built yet.  We call this kind of photography “Intended Views”

This is how its done.

We position the drone on a pre set location where the building is to be constructed, we then fly the drone up in a straight column and stop at each level.  At each level we then rotate the drone 360 degrees to capture exactly what the views from each level will look like.

This is how much it costs.

We charge a minimum fee of $440 and this includes up to 3 levels from one point on site, every additional level after this is $110 and discounts apply over certain size projects.  For a quote simply contact us.

Cost of drone photos

For Real Estate Agents

The investment in drone photography may be a lot less than you think. A basic daytime shoot with 6-8 images and one digital overlay is $330 inc gst

If you have engaged us to do ground photography or a floor plan then we can offer drone photos to you at a package rate of $180 inc gst