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Day Or Dusk(Twilight) Photography

By February 9, 2015Blog

When selling a home photos are the primary marketing tool that everything else hinges on, so you have to decide the best type of photography for the property.

There are really only two options when it comes real estate photos….. Daytime or Twilight/Dusk.

They each have their own benefits and market.  Twilight have always been considered the premium choice. But why?

One theory is that as humans we have an inbuilt primal instinct to seek refuge in a cave as the sun drops below the horizon after a day of hunting and gathering, its been said that a house with all its lights on represents a cave with a fire in it, hence why people are naturally drawn to a twilight photo.

cave house twilight 800

Another theory is that just like your clubbing days, the opposite sex always looked  absolutely irresistible in the dimly lit glow of the night club, features are accentuated by shadows, blemishes are hidden by the darkness and the soft warm light bouncing from the bar gives everyone that Brazilian glow.

Regardless of the theories and marketing psychology behind twilight photography I can safely say as a photographer that shoots a twilight every single night and have done for the past 9 years, houses just look darn nice with all their lights on a nice deep blue sky for a stage. There is no denying it 90% of homes look nice in the twilight hour.

But is every home suited to twilight photos?

Well no…. not exactly for example a large farmlet or rural property may benefit from daytime photos on  nice sunny day.

daytime rural

Then there is also budget constraints, Twilight photography obviously costs a lot more than day time due to the fact that we can only shoot one house per day per photographer, so daytime represents as a good option for a vendor with a restricted budget.

Other situations where daytime may be a better option is when a property is a potential development site, a commercial building or factory, a house that is surrounded by trees or a house that has no front windows or obstructed windows.

Here is a short guide/list of when and where daytime & twilight photography should be used.

  • Large home in the mid to top end of the market: twilight photos
  • Medium sized home in the mid range of the market: twilight or daytime
  • Development site with knockdown building: daytime photos
  • Inner city apartment with no views: daytime
  • Inner city apartment with nice city views: twilight
  • Rural property with average home: daytime
  • Rural property with large/premium home: twilight or daytime
  • Small home in low end of the market: daytime
  • Rental property in low to mid end of the mamarketdaytime
  • Coastal home with views: daytime or twilight


Now there are always going to be variations to these guides and sometimes your going to get homes that do look better in the day, but really it comes down to making a judgement call based on factors as to which type of photography is chosen.

Also consider that with the popularity of twilights these days, perhaps daytime is a good option to stand out?

I know that with our latest offerings we can even convert a daytime photo to a dusk photo using extensive photoshopping and 3d lighting software. Great if your campaign is going a little slow and you want to easily revamp it.

day to twilight conversion

So consider your options based on the type of house, the budget and the property’s individual attributes, an if your still not sure ask your photographer what they think.


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